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Setup Self-Signed Certificates & Trusting them on OS X

Firefox users should select the option "Accept this certificate permanently" when Firefox provides a pop-up warning that the certificate cannot be verified. To encrypt your data for privacy. SSL can fix strange Entourage synchronization problems. Often times, Entourage working over DAV port 80 can have many different kinds of synchronization problems which appear as folders that will not sync to the server or incorrectly deleted emails, contacts, or calendar events.

Many firewalls do packet inspection and can interfere with DAV synchronization.

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If, however, the packets are encrypted, packet inspection can not interfere. For this reason, SSL can actually fix strange problems in Entourage. Even if you do not have a firewall, it is possible some packet inspection is occurring at remote locations so laptop users can benfit from using SSL. All Files.

How do I configure OS X to use my self-signed SSL certificate?

Entourage and Safari users Launch the web browser Safari. Let me override defaults.

Create Self-Signed Certificate & Key

You will now be shown a warning indicating the self-signed certificate will not automatically be trusted. Click on Continue. Certificate Information: Use the standard settings and click Continue. - Can I send encrypted e-mail using Mail and self-signed certificates? - Ask Different

Please enter your e-mail address and other company- or personal data needed for the certificate see also the overview of CSR fields: Please select key size: Key Usage Extension: Use the standard settings and click on Continue. Extended Key Usage Extension: Basic Constraints Extension: Subject Alternate Name Extension: If this is not the case, please select Continue without making any changes.

Chapter 14 : Creating self signed certificate - SSL HTTPS

Enter any additional names that have to be protected, such as sub-domains or other websites for example mail. You will now be shown a window with the message: Your Certificate has been successfully created , and a warning saying the root certificate is not trusted.

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Click on Done. A window will now appear, telling you that the Server wants to export key "www.

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Click on Allow. Click on the gear wheel icon and select Create Certificate Signing Request You will be shown a screen with the encrypted CSR code. This code can either be copied, or saved as a file.

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