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Their amp simulators are solid, sonically beautiful and incredibly ergonomic at an insanely low price point! If you are serious about tone and want to add some new colours to your music, hit up http: Tony Vincent. My favorite is amplifikation creme as it tailors to my needs of versatility. It sounds close to amps and has that airy and roomy vibe compared to other virtual guitar amp which sounds digital to my ears. Navire Creux. Sounds amazing - Also uses less resources than G-Rig 5 and Amplitube! You should let people know about that!

Hurry up with the bass amp!


More amps like these please! Best amp sim I've tried! I love your plugs! Much less bloated than other amp sim programs. Creme is all I need. I've been using them on a bunch of films already. Adam Fielding.

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Other than that, the amp sims Vermilion, Creme, and Cerberus simplified the process of recording guitars and bass. Its user friendly interface gives me an easier space to explore sound, especially when looking for something meticulous. I think the latest state of plugins sounds and feels really good, and Kuassa is one of them! Personally, those help a lot. Adityawarman Balum. As a guitarist and producer, I'm always on a quest for guitar tone. I've been using Creme for a few weeks and have been impressed with the results! Genuine high gain, pleasant low end, punch, and clarity are all easily attainable with Creme.

I have tried pretty much all of the amp sims on the market and I have to say, Creme stands firmly at the top with the best. I am already using it on the upcoming Gravler release! Demo's sound amazing cannot wait to use it. Great sounding sim for a great price. Creme is excellent. I'm still using AradazAmp s , you're one of my favorite amp sim developers. Happy Independence Day! It sits well in the mix without any outboard EQ'ing added, and when I get time to really sculpt the tone, I know that it will sound very very good indeed! I saw an advert for the front of computer music magazine and saw Amplifikation on it, i thought i will google that and found your website, just downloaded your demo of Creme Creme sounds amazing, perfect for solo or beds.

I've forever been searching for an amp sim that doesn't suck. I've bought heaps of them and been disappointed with just about everything. This morning I read a forum post on the Studio One website mentioning the Creme sim. I bought it literally two minutes after playing with it.

Free Metal Guitar VST – Create a Pro Metal Guitar Tone With These Free Guitar Impulses for Metal

Thank you so much! You'll have trouble getting a convincing guitar sound without actually playing it or getting someone else to play it. However, this is a good start: Uh, yeah a guitar vst. I'm a noob, so if I can find a VST guitar instrument with metal distortion already put in it, then I'll take it.

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I heard it's pretty good, but I have nothing to test it on. See, I can record my guitar, but it is a really crappy guitar, and also I use audacity to record, sop there's no point in trying.

BUT, if anyone knows a free, distortion-free guitar vst, there might be a possibility I could use Redskull on that, and have a decent sound. So if any of you know one, then please say so: Check out my newest song! Like me on Facebook! You'd be better off putting distortion on a piano and tweaking it a bit to sound like a guitar It's very possible and I'm not the only one who would vouch for this if you're looking for something free.

Other Guitar Amps:

Guitar VSTs are generally expensive if you want half decent quality, because the amount of sampling that has to go into a guitar VST to give it a sound that is even close to what a real guitar sounds like is mind boggling. The guitar is one of the most dynamic instruments on the planet, and is therefore ridiculously difficult to recreate electronically should you want all the dynamics that come with it Palm mutes, bends, slides, harmonics, etc. So as long as you aren't looking to do anything to complicated with it, a piano with some distortion and a little tweaking can get you by.

But if you want something more diverse, you'd be better off finding someone who can play guitar for you unless you're willing to dish out some cash. Bye bye Skype - Music: Well, i can play guitar pretty good, but like I said, I have no recording techniques or equipment.

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As for the piano, just grab a distortion VST, throw it on the piano and play around with the envelope and reverb a bit, there's really no perfect way to do it, it really depends on what kind of sound you want. I'd point you in the direction of the person that got me started on it, but I honestly can't remember who it was I picked this technique up from. Impact Soundworks: Combining that with Electri6ty whatevz the name and the amps mentioned above you're pretty much set.

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Member since: Member Level 03 Blank Slate. Is there a heavy metal vst instrument that doesn't sound like complete shit? Member Level 23 Musician. Guitar Rig Amplitube guitar fx POD farm In tone Those will help you out to get that window crusher sound that all your neighbors can't wait to hear. Electri6ity That's the true definition of having a guitar on your keyboard, take a look at the sound demos they have, your head will explode due to the epicness of this beast.