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The Coretronic Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of optical projectors. In , the company established the Optoma brand in England.

Nuforce Icon Mobile Portable Headphone Amplifier

Coretronic is the prime Taiwanese projector solution. It owns the technology of developing Class D amplifiers and has received many awards from audiophile magazines in the US and Japan, which has made NuForce a leading brand in the audio systems market. Audio is essential for a successful video. Optoma, a leading brand in DLP projectors, accomplished the integration of audio-visual entertainment systems when it acquired the US audio brand, NuForce, in , giving Optoma the capability to provide music lovers a comprehensive experience of audio-visual entertainment.

Singapore EN. Additional features include a quality headphone amp and a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels. To further ensure genuine audiophile performance, only the purest analog circuit topology has been employed within the uDAC-3, which among other features includes the elimination of all capacitors from the signal path. In addition, USB power means it travels with you easily too, as no bulky external power source is required. Tablet devices running Windows 8 RT are not supported.

The uDAC-3 is flexible too: Due to cost considerations, the DAC and headphone amp stages employed in most computers are typically not designed to deliver best-quality sound. This can result in subtle errors in the conversion and amplification processes, which diminishes audio quality. Advanced NuForce design yields a warmer, more detailed and a fundamentally more accurate rendering of the source file.

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Your favorite headphones and speakers will finally reproduce sound to their full potential too. RCA 2. Reviews Media The uDAC3 is a good one… ". Under the Radar. The NuForce uDAC3 is high quality and because of its size and weight it can easily be used on the move. Furthermore, it completely eliminates any annoying background noise. Tech Research. This enables a high-performance with a clear sound quality. It never caused me any technical problems. It just works. Such a rare thing in Computer audio I find.

HiFi Wigwam. Awarded 4. Hi-Fi Choice. It results in a slightly warm, pleasant sound you could listen to all day without fatigue. Once the USB cable was plugged in, my installation of Windows whirred away and installed everything. Dave Plays.

Nuforce Icon HDP into Mac help | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

Final sound frequency is well balanced, gaining transparency and feeling for the space…uDAC3 can be also recommended as a quality interface between PC and amplifier which miss digital inputs. Talk Business. Trusted Reviews. Whether listening to music, podcasts, or even films and games, audio always sounded much clearer and more enjoyable. Close The product warranty policy: All products in 1 year warranty, except Primo 8 and AVP 18 are in 2 years warranty. Non-warranty coverage: Due to natural disasters, man-made damage or improper operation and other non-product of the failure itself. The product do not authorized by our technical personnel to repair or disassembly.

The serial number does not match or damaged unclear. All Rights Reserved. User profile for user: DocJekl DocJekl. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Mac OSX After making suggestions to the manufacturer they made some improvements and sent me a new version to listen for the differences. I listened to the new one for a day and it worked fine, but when I plugged in the original test sample into the second USB port at the same time as the new one in order to compare them, the sound became garbled and noisy. This never happened when either one was plugged in by itself.

Prior to plugging in both at the same time, either one worked just fine by itself. There is no reason when unplugging one or the other that they shouldn't start working again. In quicktime player the songs don't pause like with iTunes, but there is no sound coming through even with just one DAC plugged in at a time. I have reset the PRAM a few times, and this doesn't fix the problem. I thought maybe the com. I don't know what to try next to get the Macbook to start fresh when trying to use these devices, short of having to re-install OSX.

Please, does anyone have a suggestion of how I can make the Macbook forget it ever saw these two USB DACs, and let me start fresh so they start working normally again? I do dozens of reviews for Head-fi. More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. If I plugged it into the front USB port then the sound was garbled and filled with noise.

This was a vast improvement over no sound at all. And returning to the original DAC again now results in no sound again.

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I'd still love some help. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Your questions concern highly specialized third-party equipment that few MBP users own. You might find more people who have the same equipment and could respond helpfully through the website of its manufacturer, particularly if there are support forums there. Is there somewhere in the OS where it stores these settings other than com.

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Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: DId you have to install anything to get the hardware to work, i.