Share pc printer with mac windows 7

You can print to your Mac OS X shared printer as you would on a local printer, from the Print dialogue of the program you are using. Printing to a shared Macintosh printer is fairly hassle-free with Bonjour. You may have difficulties if your firewall blocks port by manually configuring your firewall. Also, check out some of these related articles for more tips on sharing files and printers. People have been continuously arguing about which is better: The debate never ends, and most people choose to be fans of iOS or Android, no matter what.

I previously used a Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone running Android 7 Nougat.

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I also reviewed many smartphones with Android, for my work here at Digital Citizen. How to use Diagnostic Data Viewer to learn what is not working in Windows 10 Windows 10 has made the headlines with the fact that it sends all kinds of data to Microsoft. To alleviate suspicions of wrongdoing, and increase transparency, Microsoft released the Diagnostic Data Viewer app which anyone can use to see what data Windows 10 sends to its parent company.

One other convenient use of Diagnostic Data Viewer is for troubleshooting. With this app, you can see what does not work on your Windows 10 PC or device, what is causing the problems, and take measures to fix them. Here's how:. The same is true if you are using Office , and even if you use a smartphone with Android.

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How to add Windows shared Printer to MAC OS x Macbook Pro

Search Terms. Related Articles. Popular Articles. How to use Diagnostic Data Viewer to learn what is not working in Windows Windows 10 has made the headlines with the fact that it sends all kinds of data to Microsoft. Here's how: Simple questions: What is OneDrive? Why should you use it? Read this article, as it explains everything you need to know: Popular Reviews. Trust GXT Thura review: Create a copy of your current active location. Select your active location from the list in the Location sheet.

The active location is usually called Automatic and may be the only entry in the sheet. Click the sprocket button and select 'Duplicate Location' from the pop-up menu. Type in a new name for the duplicate location or use the default name, which is 'Automatic Copy. Click the Advanced button. Select the WINS tab.

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In the Workgroup field, enter the same workgroup name you're using on the PC. Click the OK button. Click the Apply button. In the Start menu, right-click the Computer link. Select 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the System Information window that opens, click the 'Change settings' link in the 'Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings' category. In the System Properties window that opens, click the Change button. The button is located next to the line of text that reads 'To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change.

Remember, the workgroup names must match on the PC and the Mac. Click OK. A status dialog box will open, saying 'Welcome to the X workgroup,' where X is the name of the workgroup you entered earlier. Click OK in the status dialog box. A new status message will appear, telling you that 'You must restart this computer for the changes to take effect. Close the System Properties window by clicking OK.

Access a Shared Printer on Windows

Restart your Windows PC. Select Start, Control Panels , Programs. In the Programs Panel, select 'Turn Windows features on or off. Restart your Windows 7 PC.

Select Start, Devices, and Printers. In the Printers and Fax list, right-click the printer you wish to share and select 'Printer Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the Printer Properties window, click the Sharing tab. Place a check mark next to the 'Share this printer' item.

In the Share name: Be sure not to use spaces or special characters. A short, easy-to-remember name is best. Place a check mark next to the 'Render print jobs on client computers' item. Select Start, Control Panels. In the Control Panels window, click the 'View network status and tasks' item. Write down the entry for IPv4 Address. This is your Windows 7 computer's IP address, which you will use when you configure your Mac in later steps. The Add Printer window will open. Right-click the toolbar and select 'Customize Toolbar' from the pop-up menu.

Drag the Advanced icon from the icon palette to the Add Printer window's toolbar. Click the Done button.

How to Share a Printer between a PC and a Mac

Click the Advanced icon in the toolbar. Use the Print Using the dropdown menu to select a printer driver to use. You can also use Select Printer Driver to pick the specific driver for your printer. Remember, not all printer drivers support the LPD protocol, so if the selected driver doesn't function, try one of the generic types.